A life changing product called Hex

Spoiler alert! Hex is a cryptocurrency not for those faint of Heart ;)

I’m not here to try to convince you how you should or should not invest your money nor am I a financial advisor certified to do so. I am here to show you why my title is valid in my case. See I kept my receipts and am willing to show them to you. Here is my first exhibit and I challenge you to go to Nomics and scroll to the chart and type 1000 Hex as I did in the screenshot. I will say, it’s not going to be long before 1 not 1000 Hex will be that price:

Initial price performance of Hex and 1,000 Hex
Initial price performance of Hex and 1,000 Hex

Funny thing is that isn’t when I got in. It was when I was shocked at the price performance that I took this screenshot. But okay maybe we need a point of reference to show the true power of what I stumbled upon as we all did.

This is when I wrote my own website that hardly anyone visited

The previous screenshot was taken almost two months later to the tee (April 6, 2020). I remember I took this one because the gains were substantial. I lost my job, my apartment, car and was hospitalized. I had nothing but I did, like one other member of the community that I know of and probably other silent ones, came back from the dead so to speak. I invested everything I had which, wasn’t much but why not, right? It grew, faster than I had expected. I started getting one or two referrals and that helped. Eventually I screamed and begged my friends to join, none of which understood or wanted to but some family members did. One of my family members dumped their holdings in coinbase, who irrationally blocked me and never reconciled, and bought Hex. Lucky for us, today we have apps like Staker that make the purchase of ETH and HEX so easy, but then you had to do some leg work as a no-coiner. Even the staking of the coin is easier now. Check out Hex if you want to learn more. As an aside, some of the interest was spent on upgrading his home. So when he invested and I showed him this next screenshot he was elated to say the least.

April, 18 2020

Everyone I knew said the run was over. Well then this happened:

April, 22, 2020

And finally this today:

August, 29 2021

As I sit here and try to rest my case, justify why I believe HEX is the best asset on the market, I hope you saw a glimpse into my shoes. Clearly you may be skeptical and rightfully so, after all the dollar is so strong. I invite you to dip your toes, maybe try my shoes on for size and maybe you can share a story like this too. See what this crypto stuff is all about. I did it you can too! I am also proud of my achievements to listen to the community and follow in the footsteps of those wiser than myself.

All you need in staker to get started.

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